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Industry polyelectrolyte flocculant Poly pac flocculant 30% Aluminium white pac flocculantpool Chloride PAC for Dirty Water Treatment

Place of Origin Shandong
Certification ISO,CE
Min.Order Quantity 1
Price $ 200-500 / Ton
Payment Terms D/P,T/T

Product Features

This product is a kind of high-efficient,economical and nontoxic inorganic high-molecular compound.  it's easily soluble in water,and it's accompanied with many chemical processes such as electrochemistry,coagulation, absorption and precipitation during the hydrolyzation .


It has the ability of degerming, deodorization, defluorination, dechromisation, oil removal, turbidity removal, aluminum removal, removing heavy metallic salt and radioactive contaminants. It has far- ranging uses in the process of purifying various kinds of water source.

1. Purify water for living and drink ,domestic sewage  river water, lake water and underground water, ; Purify industrial water, industrial sewage, mine reinjection water, oilfield reinjection water, metallurgical sewage, coal washing sewage, leather sewage and all kinds of chemical sewage.

2. Cosmetics raw materials.

3. Industrial production: Paper sizing, dye printing, bleaching and dyeing, medicine and other industries.

4. In artificial coal industry, it is used for separating coal and water with excellent effect.   


1.How can you guarantee the quality?

First of all we welcome any inspection for the quality such as BV or SGS.This is a normal way for international trade.Besides,you can choose the payment as Trade Assurance through Alibaba and with that you can get fully security from Alibaba to make sure the quality is good.

2.If we hope to visit the factory,can you arrange?

Yes of course,but we need you to confirm the order firstly for our own protection.Hope you can understand.

3.Do you have enough stock?

About that depends on your quantity.Plz confirm with our staff before you confirm order.We will be 24/7 on-line!

4.How can we confirm order on-line?

Plz confirm with our staff.

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