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Poly white pac flocculantpool Aluminium polyelectrolyte flocculant Chloride flocculant 28%-30% PAC for Water Treatment

Place of Origin Shandong
Certification ISO,CE
Model Number 28%-30%
Min.Order Quantity 1
Price $ 200-500 / Ton
Payment Terms D/P,T/T

Product Features

Product Instructions:

First dilute the product to 10%-20% aqueous solution (calculated by weight of the product). According to different water quality and different uses, conduct a small test first and find out the best dosage before using it in large quantities.

Application Method:

1.The user can allocate remedy concentration by test and determine the optimum dosage according to different to be added after they are dissolved and diluted.

2.The dilution ratio of liquid product is 5-50%, and the dilution ratio of solid product is 2-20%.

3.The liquid product dosage is 3-40kg/1000 tons water, and solid product dosage is 1-15kg/1000 tons water.

4.The amount of specific dosing is based on coagulation tests and experiments.


Q1. How can I get sample for lab test?

A: We could provide small amount free samples to you. Please provide your courier account (Fedex,DHL,etc) for sample arrangement.

Q2. How to know the exact price for this product?

A: Tell us the specification request,quantity,packing,destination port and as much as order info..We will check and reply you a latest and exact price.

Q3. We have more questions, how to contact you?

 A: Welcome to contact us with below number:

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