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28%Min Waste Water Treatment Poly Aluminium Chloride

Place of Origin Shandong
Certification ISO,CE
Model Number 28%Min
Min.Order Quantity 1
Price $ 340-370 / Ton
Payment Terms D/P,T/T

Product Features


Appearance Light Yellow Powder
Al2O3 30%Min
Basicity 75-85%
Insoluble <0.5%
N <0.01%
As <0.0001
Cr6+ <0.0001
PH 3-5%
1 Its purifying effect on low-temperature, low-turbidity and heavily organic-polluted raw water is much better than other organic flocculants, furthermore, the treatment cost is lowered by 20%-80%.
2 It can lead to the quick formation of floc (especially at low temperature) with big size and rapid precipitation service life of cellular filter of sedimentation basin.
3 The dosage is smaller than that of other flocculants, which is better for improving the quality of treated water.
4 It has wide range of adaptability to the waters at different temperatures (in the summer and the winter) and at different regions (in the south and the north of China).
5 It is suitable for automatic dosing device of alum.
6 It can adapt to a wide range of pH value (5−9) and can reduce the pH value and basicity after processing.

 Powder packed in 25kg P.P woven bags with inner PE bag.

Stored indoors in a dry, ventilated, cool place, and do not get wet.

Shelf life: 2 years

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