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28%-30% PAC Poly Aluminum Chloride for Water Treatment

Place of Origin Shandong
Certification ISO,CE
Model Number 28%-30%
Min.Order Quantity 1
Price $ 340-370 / Ton
Payment Terms D/P,T/T

Product Features

Product description

Description of  Poly Aluminium Chloride PAC

1.Floc forming fast, good activity, good filtration.

2.Without adding alkaline additives, such as the case of deliquescence, the effect unchanged.

3.To adapt to a wide PH value, adaptable and versatile.

4.The treated low salinity water.

5.Can remove heavy metals and radioactive substances to water pollution. 

6.The active ingredient is high, easy to store and transport.


1.Purifying drinking water, sewage.

2.Industrial water purification, industrial wastewater, mining, oil field injection water, metallurgy, coal washing, leather and all kinds of chemical waste water treatment.

3.Industrial production: Paper sizing, dye printing, bleaching and dyeing, medicine and other industries.

4.In artificial coal industry, it is used for separating coal and water with excellent effect. In the oil refining industry, for oil and water separation.

Package, Storage and Transportation

1.Package in 25kg P. P woven bage or paper-plastic bags with PE lined, or as per buyer's instructions. In storage and transportation, pay attention to heatproof and moisture proof. The powdery. Product will be damped to be caked and will be poor in solubility if exposure to air for long time. 

2.The stacking layers shouldn't be more than 20 layers. Shelf life is two years

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It is used as primary coagulant aid for any clarifying/flocculation process relating to the treatment of surface or underground water and urban or industrial effluents

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Polyaluminum Chloride (PAC) compounds provide better performance than alum. ... a primary coagulant to clarify water for drinking and industrial process uses

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2013 May-Jun;34(9-12):1199-209. Polyaluminium chloride as an alternative to alum for the direct filtration of drinking water. Zarchi I(1), Friedler E, Rebhun M

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Dec 8, 2014 - Impacts of poly-aluminum chloride addition on activated sludge and the treatment efficiency of SBR. Coagulants addition to a bioreactor is a widely used technology for improving phosphorus removal. As a common and low-cost coagulant, poly-aluminum chloride (PAC) may be widely used for wastewater treatment


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